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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Reader's Review!

Anne Ireland/A Shameful Secret/Amira Press/ ebook and print

After two days of being unable to put this book down for anything, really nothing got done in this house, until I could get to the very end of A SHAMEFUL SECRET by Anne Ireland. Even as I write this, I feel tears welling up again, for I had shed some while reading this book. It was impossible not to get close to Hester and Paul. As Hester's secret in this story was such a torture for her emotionally and the feeling of lost of her whole life from it, was so unbearable at times, but so true tho from the time setting of this book, Regency. The setting of the book was so beautifully written. I could capture everything, the clothing, the dancing, the balls, the home and so much more. Author Anne Ireland has a writing voice that so pulled me in that I would lose myself to time and place, and be right within the book as the story unfolded. As Hester struggled with growing through trying to stop the years of punishment for her! secret, you could too, touch the joy she was feeling by being with her friends and so much for her growing in love with Paul. Paul is a hero that you'd want to reach out and touch because he's so real. He was generous in his listening, in his sharing his emotions and love to Hester as well as giving her the independence to grow and make her own decisions. A protective hero he was, but Paul too was one that let Hester think and believe for herself.

This truly is one outstanding read that I can say has been the best Regency I have read this year. A SHAMEFUL SECRET by Anne Ireland is going to live within me for a long time, and its a beautiful thing. I highly recommend this book! It deserves to have all the roses it can have as well as the pedals spread out to many readers to know about this book so they don't miss a wonderful read!

Cathie Morton, reader

available from Amira Press and Amazon

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Lindsay Townsend said...

Sounds glorious! Now on my to be read pile! Best, Lindsay