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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

True to the Highlander

True to the Highlander: The Novels of Loch Moigh by Barbara Longley

Publisher: Montlake Romance

February 2014

ISBN: 9781477817445

Pages: 337

Time Travel Romance, present day New York & Scotland 1423

Alethia Goodsky is working at the New York Renaissance Festival and getting the chance to meet all different types of people.  Though the one that stands out the most is a fortune teller that has sent her on a life saving mission back to the 15th century.  Now she is in a completely different time and place and needs to figure out just what is going on and what needs to be done so that she can go back to her own time.  Alethia just never counted on falling in love with a man from a different time.  Alethia has always taken care of herself and is finding it difficult to deal with a man who is determined to protect her against the enemies that are closing in on them both.  She is also going to have to decide if she wants to stay with the man that has stolen her heart or does she want to go back to her own time?

Malcolm of clan MacKintosh has enough going on with bloodthirsty feuds and rivalries.  When he comes across a maiden by the side of the road he thinks it must be a bad omen though a very beautiful one.  Protecting her from one of the men in his own garrison he is quickly brought to his knees by a woman that is determined to defy him at every turn.  He is left reeling by a woman that has managed to lay siege to his heart without him even noticing. 

With all the treachery going on in the Highlands while their king is held captive by the English the situation is made worse while some clans are busy trying to ransom their king, James and other clans that are just as determined to keep him off the Scottish throne.  Only time will tell just what will happen and who can be trusted.

This is a wonderful story that brings history to life for the reader.  It also shows the comedy of a modern woman trying to deal with a completely different time and a way of life.  The misunderstandings between Alethia and Malcolm are interesting and shows that love can overcome even the biggest differences.  The modern way of speaking that Alethia does while in the past causes some very interesting situations to take place and keeps the story moving along at a fast pace.  With all the ups and downs this story takes it really pulls the reader in and gives them an ending that is sure to please.  This is a time travel novel that is very enjoyable and is worth taking the time to read.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


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