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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Captured by Three

Captured by Three: Mating Season 2 by April Andrews

Publisher: Twisted Erotica Publishing

December 2013

Pages: 78

Futuristic, Romance, m/m

Lucas is the last the scientist on Earth. He is also set to enter the old lands so that he can find enough fuel to save his people.  He has the aliens, Ayden, Regil and Danth as escorts in his mission.  The aliens have come to save his people but he is afraid that there is more to it and it seems he was correct in that assumption.  Ayden, Regil and Danth are proving to be both brooding and strong and they are turning Lucas’ world upside down.

Ayden, Regil and Danth are a mated trio. They also thought they were complete until they meet Lucas and they realize that something is missing in their relationship.  Something about Lucas calls to them.

Lucas isn’t sure what to make of the aliens as they are like nothing he has dealt with before.  They also treat him in a way that confuses him.  Ayden, Regil and Danth realize that the only way to figure out if Lucas can complete them is to take him to their bed even if that means capturing him body, heart and soul. 

This is proving to be a very good series that is different than most alien stories.  While the reader would get the most out of reading the books in order they are written in such a way that they can be read as stand alones.  This one keeps in the same vein as the first story but proves to have its own story line which makes it very enjoyable to read.  The characters are intriguing and fascinating.  With every word read the world building in the story comes to life and gives the reader a glimpse on what can happen.  For readers of this genre this is a series to check out.

I give this 4-1/2 red roses


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