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Sunday, 9 February 2014


Soulless by Toni Hofman

Publisher: Toni Hofman

October 2013

ISBN: 9781492111849

Pages: 274

Contemporary, Paranormal Romance

Alexis “Alex” Martinez is a detective for the Fairfield Police Department and she is after an extremely brutal killer that has managed to hold the city in the grip of terror.  The victims are tortured and unspeakably mutilated and picked completely at random.  As Alex investigates the killings she is brought to the attention of a secret society that has members imbedded in law enforcement, world governments and all walks of life.  Their objective is stay hidden and when the investigation takes Alex too close to them she becomes a target.  There is only one person who can save her but he is also the assassin that has been sent to kill her.  He is the one that has already infiltrated her mind and heart, and he just might be the one she has been chasing all along.

David Jason Sawyer has the face of angel but is a predator.  His mind is a weapon that is just as formidable as his body.  He is a prince of the secret society that seems to be the next step in man’s evolution.  Also known to those of the society as Family.  They consume bio-energy directly because their physiology has evolved to that point.  They age at a remarkably decelerated rate and they are stronger than normal humans.  They have an extraordinary ability to heal so they are almost invincible.  They also need humans to feed on so that they can survive.

Since he was a child Sawyer has been trained to manipulate and entrap on reflex.  He was taught to put emotion second and Family first.  Yet in one moment he spares Alex the woman he has fallen in love with and now they are both a danger to his people and one Family will not tolerate.

If Alex and David are to have a chance at survival they must join forces and stay one step ahead of an army that is invisible until it is too late.

This is a very different paranormal.  It takes the concept of vampires and gives it a twist that is very intriguing.  The story takes many twists and turns that keeps the reader on their toes as they try to figure out just what will happen next and who Alex and David can trust.  It is a story that stays with the reader long after they put it down.  The characters have the fallacy that all people do and that makes them very authentic. The characters are complex which really brings the story to life and pulls the reader into the book.  For readers that love paranormal romances this is one to check out. 

I give this one 4 red roses


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