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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hard Glamour

Hard Glamour: The Glamour series by Maggie Marr

Publisher: NLA Digital

January 2014


Pages: 262

Contemporary romance, LA

Lane Channing is determined to follow her dreams since it will be honoring her mother’s last wish.  Lane is taking a big risk going to LA from her small Kansas town.  She already has a job lined up luckily since she only has her old jeep and 20 dollars to last her until she gets paid.  Everything changes and her hopes are shattered when she finds out that her job has been given to someone else and if she doesn’t find another job quickly she is going to be in a lot of trouble.  The last thing she needs is to be living on the streets.  What started out as a dream come true is quickly turning into a nightmare.  Lane definitely isn’t in Kansas anymore.

Dillon MacAvoy is determined to become a star no matter what.  One way for him to do that is by honing his bad-boy forever single image.  Though that image really isn’t far from the truth.  Dillon only cares about his younger brother and succeeding at his career.  He is on the brink of stardom as long as he can decide on his next right script.  For that he needs a script reader, one that he can trust.

Lane is Dillon’s last chance.  If she can survive the summer without being another notch on Dillon’s bedpost she will be guaranteed a job in the entertainment business. That shouldn’t be a problem so long as she can ignore the way her body heats up and her pulse races every time Dillon walks into the room.  Dillon isn’t the type to fall for a small town girl and love and commitment would ruin the image of Dillon.

This is very good story of what ifs and about the entertainment business.  The story is engaging and pulls the reader into it.  The reader gets to ride the roller coaster of emotional ups and downs with Lane and Dillon as they try and figure out just what is most important to them.  The story will pull at readers’ heartstrings.  This is the start of series that if the books continue along this line will be fun and interesting.  Especially if readers get more about the behind the scenes of entertainment.  With every word the reader can see the world this book is based in coming to life.  This will have readers wondering just what might happen in the next book.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


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