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Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Vampire for Christmas

A Vampire for Christmas by Laurie London, Michele Hauf, Caridad Pineiro & Alexis Morgan

Publisher: HQN

October 2011

ISBN: 978-0-373-77644-3

Pages: 378

Enchanted by Blood by Laurie London

Trace Westfalen is ready to take over his late father’s council seat but things don’t seem to be going his way. Just when he thinks his life can’t get any more complicated he meets Charlotte Grant. Trace is finding it harder and harder to hide the fact that he is a vampire from Charlotte who is not. Now Trace is going to have to decide what he wants the most, his seat on the council or Charlotte.

Charlotte Grant is an event planner that has just been hired to do Trace Westfalen’s home for the holidays and specifically for a Christmas party. Trying to ignore the attraction between them because she doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure makes her job a lot harder than it should be. Now if she can just convince her heart that her place isn’t with Trace her life would be a lot easier.

Monsters Don’t Do Christmas by Michele Hauf

Daniel Harrison knows since the day he was attacked by vampires and turned into one himself is the day he turned into a monster. Now he is trying to get by the best that he can but with Christmas here that makes him remember what he had before he was turned and that isn’t helping him deal with what his life is like now.

Olivia Adorata is a singer that takes the time around Christmas off so that she can remember what it is like to be normal even for a short while. She may be happy with her life but she knows there are things that are missing and one of those things is a man that loves her for herself and not what her life is like. A chance meeting with Daniel changes her life and she isn’t sure if she is going to come out of this encounter in one piece.

When Herald Angels Sing by Caridad Pineiro

Damien has been waiting for Angelina to come back to him. He knows that if he can find the patience to wait she will come back even if it is a slightly different form. She has come to him twice before and while both times ended in tragedy he is determined that this time it wont end the same way.

Angelina has a job to do that doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. Now if she could just figure out the best way to accomplish what she needs to do she would be very happy. Angelina wasn’t supposed to fall in love with Daniel but now that she has she will do anything she needs to so that his life becomes a much better place. First they are going to have to overcome the one that is after them both so that this time they will have their happy ending.

All I Want For Christmas by Alexis Morgan

Eagan McHale is a cop that hunts supernaturals that are causing problems for both humans and supernaturals alike. The supernaturals are trying to keep their existence a secret and it doesn’t help when there are some out there that are bent on causing problems. Eagan’s job is to protect the innocent so that they don’t get hurt and so they don’t find out about what is really out there.

Della Breit is happy running her little diner and serving her regulars who are like family. Her life is going just fine until the day Eagan walks into her diner and suddenly Della is having a whole love of inappropriate thoughts that would be much better left alone. There is something about Eagan that she just can’t seem to figure out.

This one give a whole new meaning to hot for the holidays. The stories are fun and the characters are wonderful. This one really is heating up the holidays with the vampire in each of these stories that will make the reader want a vampire left under their trees. This one is a great book to read that will help put the reader into the holiday spirit. This one is a must read for the holidays.

I give this one 5 red roses

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