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Friday, 2 December 2011

Lorcan's Desire

Lorcan’s Desire: A Whispering Pines Ranch Novel by SJD Peterson

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

May 2011

ISBN: 978-1-61581-888-4

Pages: 193

Lorcan James knew he was loved and accepted at home with his family but he wanted more than he had at home so he decides to walk away and find out more about life. What he didn’t expect to find was desperation to find a job so that he can feed himself and get the money he needs to go back home. Even if by going home he will get the good natured ribbing from his family. That is better than what he is dealing with now at least it was until he meets Quinn Taylor.

Quinn Taylor is doing his best to keep his ranch running and that would be a lot easier if he could get his neighbor to leave him alone and accept that he isn’t going to sell his ranch. The last thing Quinn needs is a complication and that seems that is exactly what he is getting the minute he lays eyes on Lorcan. Quinn has always kept his life private from his friends and neighbors’, figuring it was easier for everyone that way. Now Quinn has to re-evaluate his life and he will need to figure just what is most important to him.

Lorcan is finding in Quinn something he never knew he was looking for but he is not willing to be hidden from everyone in Quinn’s life. He needs and wants more than that. Jess is another hired hand on Quinn’s ranch and he is more than willing to tell the whole world how much he loves Lorcan and how proud he would be to have him in his life. Unlike Quinn who seems more determined to hide his feelings from everyone including himself. Lorcan is going to have to figure out just where his happiness lays. Lorcan is determined that he will not be hidden and that the man that gets his heart is one that will be more than willing to show the world jut how he truly feels.

This is a good story but it doesn’t have the typically happy-ever-after. It has a happy for now ending. It is also the first book in a least a two book set that the ending is picked up in the second book with a break between the ending of the first and the beginning of the second. The characters are well written and will be pulling at the emotions of the readers. All three of the main characters are very sympathetic and will have the reader torn on how they wish for this story to end. While some readers may have problems with the subject matter this is a story that is a very enjoyable read.

I give this one 4 red roses

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