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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Lord of the Abyss

Lord of the Abyss: Royal House of Shadows by Nalini Singh

Publisher: Harlequin

December 2011

ISBN: 978-0-373-83775-5

Pages: 288

Liliana may be the daughter of the Blood Sorcerer but she is nothing like him. Liliana knows that there is only one hope for the land of Elden and that is to brave the place that Micah the last heir to Elden is at. Forced to live under the rule of her father she knows what it will take to defeat him. Now she just has to help Micah do what needs to be done to defeat the Blood Sorcerer.

Micah is now Lord of the Abyss and has no memories of Elden and the fact that he is the heir to the land. All Micah remember is the Black Castle he lives in now and the Abyss, until a woman braves the land and castle to come to him. Now Micah is starting to remember things that he didn’t know existed and his whole world is changing.

Liliana never expected to find a man that would attract her the way Micah does, but will he still want her when he finds out exactly who she is and what her father has done? Liliana knows that by helping Micah remember the past may destroy her future but she also knows that there is no choice is she wants to save Elden and the people that live there. Only time will tell if she will be able to have the happiness she has only found with the Lord of the Abyss and whether she will be able to survive the battle that is coming because her father has no intention of loosing.

This take Beauty and the Beast and gives it a very unique twist that will make sure the reader never looks that that tale the same again. This story is wonderfully written and very emotionally charged. The reader will hate to put it down for any reason once the start reading this tale. The character come to life for the reader and the reader will get emotionally involved in this one. The trials that the characters have to face make the story line move along quickly and will keep the reader reading until the very end. While this one brings the series to an end the way it ends is very satisfying and will have the reader wishing for more stories by the authors of this series. The whole series is worth getting and reading as readers will not be disappointed in this one.

I give this one 5 red roses

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