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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Hot Vampire Touch

Hot Vampire Touch by Lisa Renee Jones

Publisher: Lisa Renee Jones

December 2011

Pages: 78

Contemporary, Paranormal Nevada

Cassie Moore is a werewolf and is also part of the werewolves’ societies’ Royal Guard that protects the werewolf king and the werewolf society. Cassie has made a place for herself with the royal guard and she does a job she loves and is very good at. She is a fighter that knows how to take care of herself and others but when it comes to Troy she isn’t sure she can protect her feelings where he is concerned. Now that Troy is back in her life she needs to find out what happened months ago on their last mission.

Troy Brooks is a vampire that was attacked by a werewolf months ago when he and Cassie were working on a mission together. Now he is neither completely vampire nor werewolf but a combination of both. Troy isn’t sure yet what that means for his future since things isn’t looking really good right now. Troy is looking for answers and those answers have brought Cassie back into his life and while he has been fighting his feelings for her he doesn’t think this time around he will succeed in keeping his distance from her.

Troy is determined to get to the bottom of what happened to him but he doesn’t count on his lack of control when it comes to Cassie nor his need to keep her safe from everyone even himself. Cassie is just as determined to find out what happened so that she can help Troy and maybe have a future with him that she has wanted for a long time now. First they are going to have to get to the bottom of what happened before so they can find out what the future might hold for the two of them.

This is an excellent addition to the Vampire Wardens series. This one will have readers trying to figure out just who the bad guys are and what is happening to the characters in this one. This one delivers some great twist and turns that keeps the story moving along quickly and will have the reader hating to put this one down until the very last page. It will also have the reader eagerly awaiting the next story in this series.

I give this one 5 red roses

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