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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Forbidden Highlander

Forbidden Highlander by Donna Grant

Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks

June 2010

ISBN: 978-0-312-38123-3

Pages: 331

Scotland, Summer 1603

Fallon MacLeod has come out of hiding only because his brother Quinn has been taken. Now Fallon is going to go to the King to see about getting some help. Being an immortal warrior isn’t as easy as he would like but it looks like things are turning around for him when at court he meets Larena. Fallon is working hard on getting his life back as much as possible before an evil druid turned his life upside down.

Larena Monroe has secrets that she has managed to keep without any problem until now. She has been searching for a way to vanquish the evil druid. She looks to join with Fallon since they are both after the same druid and they both want that druid gone for good. Larena is attracted to Fallon even though she has a hard time trusting anyone. The past has made sure of that. Larena is going to have to decide if she wants the chance for happiness with Fallon or if she is going to turn her back on the sizzling attraction between them.

If Fallon and Larena want the chance at happiness they are going to have to clear the obstacles in their path. Fallon thinks they have a chance at a love worth everything even though he will have to fight to get a chance at having that love. All he has to do is convince Larena that they can have that enduring love only if she is willing to give it a try and let go of the past and trust that he will be there no matter what.

This story picks up shortly after the first book in the series and continues with a great storyline. The story gives you several twists which makes it a lot of fun to read. It is a fast paced book that is hard to put down with a little something for everyone. I hated to see this one end. The characters are very well developed with several secondary characters that grab your attention too. This is turning into a great series and you will be eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.

I give this one 5 red roses

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