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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Colters' Woman

Colters’ Woman by Maya Banks

Publisher: Samhain

February 2010

ISBN: 978-1-60928-023-9

Pages: 229

Holly Bardwell is on the run from some bad decisions she has made in the past. Unfortunately those mistakes just might cost her more that she would like to pay. It just might kill her if she is not careful. Holly ends up in a ditch during a winter storm and has to decide if she can trust the three men that found her. Holly wishes with all her heart that the decision would be easier to make if she could trust her instincts rather than be afraid that she is making yet another mistake.

Adam Colter is one of three brothers that runs the Three Brothers Lodge. The last thing he expected to find in the middle of winter was a woman unconscious in a ditch. Now he has to figure out who she is. Adam and his brothers Ethan and Ryan are determined to help Holly as they feel that she is the one woman that will be able to complete the three of them together and make their family whole.

Now all the brothers have to do is convince Holly that the only place she belongs is with them. For the brothers to do that they are going to have to take care of what and who Holly is running from. Holly is starting to care very deeply for all three brothers and she will do whatever is necessary to protect them from her past but that is not going to be easy for anyone. Only time will tell if the four of them are going to be able to have the life together that they all so desperately want.

This story is one that was reissued and has extensive changes made to it. It is like have the same characters but in a completely new story. This is just as great as the original if not better with all the changes made. Once you get caught up in the characters you hate to put it down until you finish it and see how things are going to work out. This one is a great emotional book to read.

I give this one 5 red roses

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