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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Coming Home




ISBN 978-0-7090-9005-2.

This Historical romance is set in the early eighteen hundreds, it begins in Portugal. Miss Juliana Colebrook orphaned and alone in Portugal longs to travel to England to meet her father’s relatives, but has no idea how she is going to achieve her dream.

Then a young officer, whom she had nursed, when he was very seriously wounded in Portugal, came to visit her and tells her that he has sold out of the army and is returning home to England to manage a friend’s estate, she begs him to take her with him.

But Brigade-Major Colwyn Hetherington, explains that it would be impossible for him to take her to England. He has a secret past which will make it very difficult for him to make a life in England again and he cannot possibly take Juliana with him, it would ruin her reputation

Juliana knows that to travel to England unaccompanied by another Lady would be impossible and she is devastated. She is desperate to get away from the horrors of war and the hospital where she has worked since her father died and left her destitute.

Because Juliana was so upset by his refusal to take her with him The Major feels guilty he longed to take with him, but he could not offer her a future and if it was found out the she had travelled with him as her only companion, her relations would probably refuse to help her. But eventually he decided to take her with him in his cabin, as his wife.

On the long sea journey to England the Major was sorely tempted to make love to Juliana and she was not adverse to the idea but he kept himself under control, as he was a gentleman and could not offer her his hand in marriage, truly. He was disgraced and could not assume his real place in society with his true family. Was this dark secret in his past his own doing or was he wrongly accused?

Juliana was very attracted to the Major but somehow she knows that it can never be she also has a dark secret which she can never reveal.

Juliana wonders what her relatives will be like and whether they will really want her. There are many things which are about to happen to both Juliana and Major Hetherington which will alter both of their lives forever.

Will they both find the happiness they deserve or will outside influences prove too much for them to fight.

Read this intriguing romance and enjoy their daily journey through the up and downs of Regency England. I am sure you will not be able to put this book down.

I award this book 4.5 Red Roses.AS

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