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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

For Better For Worse

For Better or Worse by Dehanna Bailee

Publisher: Literary Road Press Publication


ISBN: 978-1-934037-53-9

Pages: 60

Sandra Brown has been married for less than a year but in the time she has found the happiness and contentment she has always wanted. It also looks like things are going to get even better. Then events happen that puts everything in jeopardy. Now Sandra is going to have to depend on an old lover and friend to help her get out of trouble. Having Kahne Westmoreland around is making things difficult for Sandra and her husband. Sandra thought she was over her love for Kahne but his being around is showing her that she still has feelings for him but her marriage means more to her and she is going to have to make sure that her marriage stays strong.

Trent Brown has things in his past that makes it difficult to trust but he has a marriage now that he wants. His son now has a stepmother that he can get along with. It also looks like things are going to be a lot better at work so that he will have more time with his family. Things are definitely looking up for them. That is until Kahne shows up and starts to turn things around. Trent is going to have to deal with the situation or he takes the chance on loosing Sandra.

This story has a good story line but unfortunately it doesn’t have a smooth transition from scene to scene at times. This story has some interesting characters that make the story enjoyable. This story shows a lot of promise but just doesn’t quite get there.

I give this one 3-1/2 red roses

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