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Monday, 8 March 2010

Lord Dancy's Delight





ISBN 978-0-7090-8628-4.

Amelia Longworth, daughter of Sir Oliver Longworth, was on her way to England to make a proper ‘come-out’ and learn about the English and the ways of polite society, her Aunt, Mrs Spencer was to be her sponsor . Amelia was born and reared in Macao, by her parents, but when her mother died, a Cantonese woman called Chen May, had taken over the task of looking after Amelia and was very protective of her. Amelia’s father travelled most of the time, so was rarely at home.

Arriving in Lisbon, after six months of sailing, Amelia was relieved to be on firm ground again but was very disappointed in what she saw there. She found Lisbon a dirty place, the streets strewn with rubbish and rotting food. It was hot and smelly and she longed for some cool water in which to bathe. She watched the water carriers with their large casks on their shoulders; suddenly a stray dog attacked one of the carriers, causing him to drop his cask. The cask was rolling towards Amelia when suddenly she felt herself snatched from its path and held against a broad chest. The cask smashed against a stone wall and a fountain of water sprayed the area.

It was Geoffrey, Lord Dancy, returning to England to claim his title, who witnessed the incident with the water carrier and who snatched Amelia from certain injury or worse. She thanked him and realised what a very attractive man he was.

Lord Dancy was destined to save Amelia’s life not once but three times before they reached London.

According to the unwritten laws in Macao, this Amelia informed him meant that her life now belonged to him.

But it was not Amelia who was in danger in London. After over hearing a conversation, Amelia realised that Lord Dancy was in some grave danger. Now she would be able to repay his kindness and would work with Chen May to keep him safe. Amelia wondered if Lord Dancy could have been a spy for the English army when he was abroad, perhaps that was why someone was plotting to kill him.

Will Amelia be able to save Lord Dancy, even with the help of the resourceful Chen May?

You must read the rest of the story to find out what adventures Amelia is to have before it comes to it's conclusion.

This is a fascinating story and will be an enjoyable read for lovers of this genre, I am sure. I award this book 4.5 Red Roses AS.

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