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Friday, 5 March 2010

If He's Sinful

If He’s Sinful by Hannah Howell

Publisher: Zebra

December 2009

ISBN: 978-1-4201-0461-5

Pages: 323

Penelope Wherlocke knows something is wrong when she is kidnapped off the street and taken to a brothel. She tries to explain that there has been a mistake when she is drugged by the madam in charge. Knowing that the only way to escape is to save herself Penelope is not sure she will be able to do that because of the drugs. It doesn’t help when a ghost shows up and tells her bad things happen at the brothel. Wishing the ghost would be a little more helpful she does what she can to escape.

Ashton Radmoor’s friends decide that before he proposes to the woman he has decided to marry that he should have a fun night out and they take him to a brothel that is believed to be upscale. What Ashton finds instead is a young woman who is saying she has been drugged and not sure he really believes her he tries talking to her to get more information. But before she can several boys break into the room to rescue Penelope. Ashton finds that what Penelope was saying is the truth and decides to help her find out who hired the men to kidnap her.

Penelope is pretty sure she knows who is behind her kidnapping but needs to find the proof necessary. As it turns out by trying to prove who the villain is she will be doing a huge favor for Ashton too. Ashton has been blackmailed into an engagement with Penelope’s step-sister that he is not sure he really wants anymore. As Ashton and Penelope work to find out the truth their attraction for each other grows to the point they can no longer deny it.

This is a wonderful story that mixes historical with a little bit of paranormal aspects to the overall tale. It is fun to read and be taken back to England in the 1700’s and see what it was like at that time. The hi-jinxes in this story make it a real page turner just so you can see what is going to happen next. You get a great story that has both mystery and humor that makes it very hard to put it down until the very end.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses

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