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Monday, 22 March 2010

I came Up Stairs

MC Halliday/ I Came Upstairs/Eternal Press/ebook/182 pages

Born Mabel Gray, she rose to become Marisa Montague, courtesan of London society, sought after by titled men. Close to succumbing to a mean death in the slums, Mabel is rescued by Mr Robert Vickers. He sees in her an opportunity to make money, but he cannot guess at the heights she will eventually scale. Her natural sexuality, keen mind and beauty take her way beyond him. Encouraged by the tender love making of Lord Morley and her success on the stage, Marisa leaves Mr Vickers to live in a hotel. It is there that she is approached by Lady Morley, who asks her to teach her how to attract her husband's attentions. Marisa enjoys this interlude, as she enjoys all the further sexual encounters in the book. Mae, as she soon becomes, goes from one lover to the next, showered with honours and rich gifts. She is betrayed by friends and loved by many, but will know pain and heartbreak as well as triumph.

This exciting story in the style of Moll Flanders is a good, meaty read that will keep readers enthralled to the end. The sexual adventures of this lady are many and amusing. MC Halliday writes what Defoe would not have dared in his day and the result is a sensual story of erotic adventures. This book deserves to be a success!

Revised and republished this excellent book is once again on the market. Snap it up!
Five red roses, Anne

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