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Saturday, 12 July 2008

Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot To Handle/Linda Sole/Eternal Press/2008Available from

A past love affair had gone wrong. Leaving Sylvie broken hearted. Torn between differences of her wealthy grandmother who has a startling past of her own, Sylvie goes to work in Paris for Cornel Wilde as his personal assistant. Where she meets his young and handsome nephew Rafe Wilde. Who she finds mysterious and quite irresistible. But can she ever forget her shattered past?

Rafe Wilde has been trying to forget a marriage that didn't work, a ex-wife that left him wounded as Sylvie shows up between a meeting with his uncle Cornel Wilde. Who was this beauty? Did his uncle have her for more than his personal assistant? It bothered him to distraction. He just had to find out!

Agreeing to come back to her grandmothers estate for her uncles wedding. Sylvie is confronted with temptations and fantasies of Rafe's who happens to be invited too. But as life takes a turn in both their lives, thrown together, can they resist each others desires? Rafe's got some secrets of his own and if Sylvie finds out about her grandmothers offer of wanting Rafe to marry her for bussiness shares ever comes to light, will it end their newfound wild love affair?

Filled with hot sensuality, second chances, new beginnings and above all love. This story is exciting and kept me reading on to see what happens next. Too Hot To Handle is a strong, #1 debut from author Linda Sole. I can't wait to see what Linda Sole writes next. If you're looking for a well written, touching, beautiful and sexy modern romance then this is it!! I only hope my review does Too Hot To Handle justice! I give this HOT story Five Red Roses!!! MP.

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Sloane Taylor said...

I bought Too Hot to Handle the day it released. EXCELLENT!! Ms Sole sure knows how to keep the reader under her spell.