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Monday, 21 July 2008

Doorway To The Stars

Marly Mathews

Doorway To the Stars

ebook/ New Concepts Publishing/71 pages

Freya does not believe that hijackers from the Outlanders have penetrated their security system despite what her colleague Macy says about men from the Outer System looking for wives. When she is taken prisoner by one of the Outlanders, Freya cannot believe anything he says though he has a startling effect on her.

He is taking her to his world and Freya can do nothing about it. She discovers that she is not the only woman who has been snatched - but they seem happy about it. Can Freya escape back to her own world or is she trapped forever? Can a bloodbath between two worlds be averted?

This is an imaginative Science Fiction story with a romance at its heart. An interesting concept and well crafted. 4 Red Roses. Morna

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