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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Lord Kane's Keepsake

Sandra Heath/Lord Kane’s Keepsake/Robert Hale/ISB 978-0-7090-8092-3
223 pages HB £18.99

When Lord Kane made Miss Rutherford an offer of marriage she could scarcely believe her good fortune. Her father took her to London so that she could be introduced to society and spend more time with her fiancé before her engagement ball. Emma cannot believe a man like Lord Kane could love such an insignificant girl as her and begins to suspect him of having an affair with a notorious beauty.

Her brother seems to be involved with Lord Kane’s enemy, Lord Avenly, and she is anxious for him. However, she does not realises that she could be a pawn in the dangerous games these men play. Will she lose everything or gain her heart’s desire?

This author has researched her period exceptionally well. At times the wealth of detail tends to get in the way of the story, slowing the pace, but, that aside, this is a well crafted and enjoyable Regency. I give this one 4 red roses. Morna.

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