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Monday, 21 April 2008

The Witch and The Wolf

The Witch and The Wolf/ Marly Mathews/Concept Publishing/ebook/261 pages

This book begins at the time of the French revolution and then cuts abruptly to Napoleon’s court some years later. Here, Arabella has some idea of bewitching Napoleon into helping her, but the Wolf decides to spirit her away from court. The narrative deals with the story of Arabella’s escape to her family in England and, earlier the capture of Sandrine, her mother. Pierre, Arabella’s uncle, wants Sandrine but she hates him. Later on he kidnaps her daughter Arabella and she has to escape to England once more. This time, grown up, she is rescued from a shipwreck by the Wolf – actually an English marquis with whom she has a love/hate relationship until the end of the book. Christopher Wyndham helps her through many escapades until Pierre is finally defeated through a mixture of Arabella’s magic and the Wolf’s anger and skill.

I thought that the story was intricate with tension and excitement and there was a good relationship between the hero and heroine. Award four red roses, Morna.

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