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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

A Daughter's Secret

A Daughter’s Secret by Anne Bennett

Harper Collins


March 2008

HBN 9780007226047


A Daughter’s Secret is a gritty Birmingham saga spanning 50 years of sacrifice, heartbreak, fear, passion and survival.

For fifteen year old Agnes Sullivan, life is one long struggle. She is at the beck and call of her vicious mother, Biddy, who treats her with all the disdain of an unpaid servant, does the work of two men on the family farm and has few friends other than her brothers. When Agnes’ father arranges for the child to have Irish dancing lessons, Agnes is over moon. Finally, she’ll have the chance to get away from the farm – even if just for a little bit – and be happy. But tragedy soon strikes when the dancing master takes a shine to her and rapes her. But the shocks just keep on coming when she finds herself pregnant.

Knowing that her parents won’t support her, Agnes decides to flee away from Buncarna, in Ireland, and start a new life in England. But little does the poor Irish girl know, that she’s exchanging one prison for another, because once she sets foot in England, she inadvertently steps into a dangerous world of blackmail, prostitution and murder…

Anne Bennett has written a harrowing tale of a young girl’s struggle for survival that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you eagerly turning the pages of this mesmerizing historical saga. Anne Bennett writes in such an engaging and compelling manner, that readers cannot help but be engrossed in this spellbinding tale of misfortune, murder, fear, and ultimately, happiness.
five red roses/ JB

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