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Monday, 21 April 2008

Getting Naked At The Hilton

Getting Naked At The Hilton/Dee Dawning/eXtasy Books/ebook/311 pages.

When Scott first meets Rachel he is feeling mad because a girl called Carol has stood him up. However, the sparks that fly between them as he dances with this incredibly sexy lady soon makes him forget the other girl. Rachel is as attracted to Scott as he is to her, but she has been badly treated by her former lover and she needs to put Scott to the test. Despite the lust they both feel, Rachel makes Scott get naked in her room in the Hilton while banning him from touching her as they talk and get to know one another. Naturally, this can’t last long and they indulge in the first of their passionate love making scenes.

Rachel is of mixed blood and her agent Lester hurt her when he ditched her for her white girl friend and partner in their singing act. When Lester sees Rachel with Scott he wants her back and promises a big contract. Scott wants Rachel to marry him even though they’ve only known each other a few days, but she thinks it best to wait until after the new contract has finished. Desperate not to lose her, Scott is determined to make her and Chloe famous. Lester isn’t going to take this quietly but his spite may rebound on him. This book has a happy ever after ending, but not quite what you would expect in the general run of things!

This is an extremely sexy book. Well written and amusing at times in its own way, this is a book for all those who love to read about sex. I give the book five red roses but warn it is for readers over eighteen and those who like erotica. Linda

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