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Friday, 18 April 2008


Mis-Staked/J Morgan/Champagne Books/ebooks/358 pages

This fantastic book is – according to him! – written by Stud L. Monkey and the tone is irreverent and extremely funny. Breathred owns the chimp, which talks and speaks of his master with affectionate contempt. At the beginning of the book, Breathred seems to be one of those unfortunate souls who can never do anything right. Perhaps because of his love for comic books, Breathred has decided to become a vampire slayer and has advertised to that effect. His first job leaves him out of pocket and with egg on his face. However, his girl friend Luna, with whom he has never yet got past kissing, recommends him for a job and they all team up to go looking for the Mother Vampire’s tomb – a high priestess of the Vampires and very dangerous. The legend says that if the Mother ever returns from the grave, she will wreak havoc on the world – but hey, who believes legends?

Leopold is a Vampire of about three hundred years old. He wants a sacrifice to bring back the Mother, because he hopes to take her power and rule the world despite being warned off by a senior Vamp. Breathred is meant to be the sacrifice, because he is a pure soul and very rare in this world. However, the first attempt to capture Breathred goes wrong, because he suddenly develops real Vampire slaying techniques and manages with Luna and Stud’s help to kill the two Vamps sent to get him. Nothing daunted, the friends join up with the team to discover Mother Vampire’s tomb. There are many mysteries in this story, not least – who or what lies in Breathred’s past?

This extremely talented author goes into the kind of detail few others dare and brings tears to your eyes with his wicked humour – ranging from Breathred’s first awareness that he would like to do more than kiss his girlfriend to the chimp being mistaken for a filmstar. I loved the humour and feel it would make a great film. Be sure not to miss reading this brilliantly funny book! Besides the humour there is a terrific mystery to solve.

I am not sure that America appreciates yet the treasure it has in comic genius J. Morgan, but it will!

This book deserves a bouquet of red roses, Linda.

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