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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray by Carol A. Spradling

Publisher: Carol Spradling

May 2012

ISBN: 978-1-475-08173-2

Pages: 200

Hampton, Virginia August 1752

Katherine “Kat” Bailey has come from England to what she hopes is going to be her future.  She has come to Virginia as a Mail Order Bride and being without money she knows her options are limited.  Kat quickly finds out that the man she has agreed to wed and that is considered to be very honorable in town is not what he claims and pretends to be.  Beaten by her intended Kat runs to the one man that just might be able to save and protect her, Grayson Gregory.  The one man the town people fear.

Grayson Gregory has been accused of murder by the good people of Hampton and since that helps him keep a secret safe he has no interest in letting the truth about himself be known.  That changes when Kat comes into his life by collapsing on his doorstep trying to escape the man that is after her, the man she was supposed to marry. Gray now has to deal with his painful past if he hopes to have a future especially with the attraction that Kat has managed to make him feel, an attraction he never thought he would feel.

Kat is determined to find out the truth about Gray as their attraction grows.  The more Kat learns about Gray the harder she finds it to believe what is said about him.  Gray is going to have to figure out if he is willing to take a chance on the love he has found with Kat and move into the future or if he is going to staying the past and live with the pain that is always there.

This is a well written story that will keep the reader engrossed as they try to figure the secrets in Gray’s past.  This one keeps the reader guess has to the truth and what is really going on.  The reader will be drawn into the character lives and will be hoping Kat and Gray can find happiness that they both deserve.  The characters keep the story moving along at a nice pace and keeps the story interesting. 

I give this one 4 red roses 

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