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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Only Mine

Only Mine by Elizabeth Lowell

Publisher: Avon

Reissued: October 2009

ISBN: 978-0-38076-339-9

Pages: 400

London & Colorado Rockies 1867

Jessica Charteris tricked Wolfe Lonetree into a marriage in name only so that she wouldn’t have to marry the lord that had been chosen for her. Jessica just never imagined what that life would entail with Wolfe and living on the edge of the Colorado Rockies. Now Jessica is going to have to find her place in her new life with Wolfe and a world that she was never raised to live in.

Wolfe Lonetree is the bastard son of a viscount and a Cheyenne shaman daughter. He has made a life for himself in the wild west that has suited him just fine. While he is willing to save Jessica from a vile lord that she was supposed to marry it is going to be on his terms that their marriage it going to be done. Wolfe now has want his heart has always desired and that is Jessica. Never expecting it to happen he is going to show Jessica what it means to be his wife.

Jessica is learning that while she is getting a marriage she never thought to have she is also learning about a man that can make her breathless and one that will teach her just what it means to belong to the right man and to become his woman. Wolfe may not ever expected Jessica to be his but now that she is he will show her pleasures she never dreamed existed.

This is one story that is truly timeless. The characters are very well written and while it was first published in 1992 the story is written is such a way that it doesn’t get old in the least. This is another great book in the Only series by this author that will have the reader hating to put the book down for any reason. It is enjoyable to read and watch Wolfe and Jessica find their way to happiness and to have what they think they know about each other turned on its head. This is one book that readers will truly enjoy reading.

I give this one 4 red roses

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