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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Underground Guardians: Healer

Underground Guardians: Healer by Lisa Renee Jones

Publisher: Lisa Renee Jones

May 2011

Mexico & Nevada 2015

Marcella Hunter has always known she was different from pretty much everyone else. She has a special gift that makes others want to be able to control her so that they have control of her power to heal others. Her mother had the same gift but rather than be used by others chose death. Marcella was raised by her aunt. Now some men that are super soldiers are after her and they don’t’ care what they have to do to get her. They are not about to let anyone or anything get in their way. Marcella has always been on the run but she knows something evil is headed her way and she has to find a way to escape this latest problem. Marcella is also going to have to find out why she has this overwhelming desire to be with and stay with a man she doesn’t know but feels that she does. That man is Diego Montez but is he someone she can trust or is he part of the evil that is after her? Marcella has always had very good instincts and even though they are screaming at her to trust Diego she must be careful because she has never felt this way about anyone and she doesn’t want to trust her feelings and find out too late that she made the wrong decision.

Diego Montez is racing to save Marcella because she is also the key to help defeat the super soldiers. First he has to convince her to trust him and that he means her no harm. What Diego never expected was to find out that Marcella is his mate. Now he has to deal with his overwhelming instinct to make Marcella his right now but if he doesn’t he will be too distracted to protect her the way his instincts insist on. Diego knows that time is quickly running out for them to have much in the way of choices so he is going to have to talk fast and show Marcella that he means her no harm. One of the ways he will be able to get Marcella to trust him is to let her heal the child she has come to heal but they will have to be careful that the enemies hunting them both doesn’t find them first.

Diego is fast finding that Marcella has a mind of her own and he isn’t going to be able to order her about to get her to do what needs to be done. He also knows that their true strength lies in them bonding and making their connecting as strong as they can otherwise the super soldiers will win and this is one fight Diego and Marcella cannot afford to lose. It is going to be a race against time if they are going to have any hope of survival.

This story takes the tale of Area 51 and runs with it. The author has built a world around Area 51 and made it her own with this one. The world building is amazing and very engaging. The action in this story is fast paced and will have the reader turning the pages just to find out what happens next and whether or not Diego and Marcella are going to make it through all the trials they are facing to find their happy ever after. The secondary character adds a great deal to the story and helps bring the story to vivid life.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses

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