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Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Maven, My Everything

My Maven, My Everything: Sons of Thanatus 1 by Joyee Flynn

Publisher: Siren Publishing

April 2011

ISBN: 1-610-34598-3

Contemporary, New Orleans

Madden “Mad” Forrest is a member of a secret order that is rumored to be descended from the gods that is known as The Sons of Thanatus. They are a group of people that have some very special abilities. Abilities that if they are not careful can get them into some very sticky situations. They have the ability to hear the souls of the dead. The order does what it can to help those that no longer have a voice to get the peace they need to move on. Mad just finished a draining job and he is now ready to have a little fun and relaxation. It looks like he just might have found what he is looking for when he first sets eyes on Josh McGreggor.

Josh McGreggor is about to start a brand new job and he has decided that before he does he is going to have one night to have fun. When he sets eyes on Mad he can’t believe his luck in finding someone so very hot and sexy. It looks like Josh is going to get his wish for having a night of fun before he starts his intense new job.

Mad and Josh are quickly finding out one night together is not going to be enough for either of them. Now they need to find a way to be together so that they can see if they have a future together but with their jobs that may not be as easy as they would like. Only time will tell if they will be able to make it together or if they will end up alone.

This is a wonderfully written emotional story but it also one that is not for everyone. Reading about the characters past and watching the struggle with it so they can find a way past it and find the future they both want so very much together is emotionally wrenching. It also shows how they got to be where they are now and how much but Mad and Josh appreciate what they have managed to find together.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses

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