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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Micah: Marius Brothers

Micah: Marius Brothers Book 1 by Joyee Flynn

Publisher: Siren Publishing

September 2010

ISBN: 1-606-01896-5

Micah Marius has been looking for his mate for a very long time. Being the fourth brother of seven isn’t always easy but at least he knows he can always count on his brother if he needs too. Fighting demons with his brother is not always simple as they would like but at least they are protecting their people, who are vampires, from those that would harm them. Out fighting demons Micah runs into trouble and gets injured and has to find a doctor fast if he is going to make it. The last thing he expects to find is his mate. Now if only he was just a little more aware of what is going on he might be able to enjoy finding his mate at last.

Riley Johnson is a doctor for his people that just happen to be vampires. When Micah first comes into his hospital he recognizes his mate right away and if he wants to have a future with Micah, Riley is going to have to save him first. Now if he can just get Micah to realize that when Micah saw his mate he was actually looking at Riley and not someone else.

Now Micah and Riley are going to have to find a way to work through all the changes that are suddenly taking place in their lives. If Riley wants a future with Micah he is going to have to find a way to move his clinic so that Micah and Riley can be together especially with Micah being a warrior for the vampires and needing to be close to other warriors for when they are needed. That is just one of the many obstacles standing in their way but both are determined to find a way around them so that they can have the future they both so desperately want with each other.

This is a great story on vampire that has it own unique take on vampires. It is a very quick read but definitely worth reading. It is also the start of a series about the Marius brothers that will have the reader eagerly reaching for the next book in the series. The world building is fantastic and draws the reader into the story.

I give this one 4 red roses

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