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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Arctic Shift

Arctic Shift Denali Heat Book 1 by Lissa Matthews

Samhain Publishing

August 2010

ISBN: 978-1-60928-159-5

Pages: 103

Denali National Park, present day

Ruby Adams is headed to Denali National Park, as that was the place her sister was headed the last time anyone had heard from her. Ruby is determined to find her missing sister, Melanie no matter what. The first step in that direction is to hire a local guide that knows the area and can help her look in the right places. The driver that is taking her to the small village where she will be meeting her guide tries to tell Ruby about the shape-shifters that are in the area. Ruby might be a mythologist but that doesn’t mean she believes in shape-shifters.

Carson Jenings is the guide that is going to take Ruby to her sister. As Carson knows exactly where Melanie is that won’t be a problem. Melanie is his brother’s mate. The problem is going to be convincing Ruby that she is Carson’s mate and that shape-shifters really do exist. Since he is a polar bear shape-shifter he knows what he is talking about. Now all Carson has to do is convince Ruby that they belong together. That might not be so easy since Ruby has a career that might cause some problems for them.

This one is a very fast read but that is very fun. The story has a different take on the shape-shifters that makes it a different shape-shifter story than the usual but it all makes it fascinating to read. If a reader is looking for a nice short story and if they love paranormals this is one to read.

I give this one 4 red roses

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