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Friday, 12 November 2010

Vampire Trinity

Vampire Trinity by Joey W. Hill

Publisher: Heat

September 2010

ISBN: 978-0-425-23670-3

Pages: 406

Gideon Green is a vampire hunter that has dedicated his whole life to hunting vampires. One thing he never intended to do was become a vampire servant. Gideon and Anwyn have a connection that makes absolutely no sense since they only had one night together but it also knows no bounds. Gideon only knows one thing when it comes to Anwyn and when she was attacked by vampires and turned, and that was he will do whatever it takes to make sure that she survives even if that means he must become her servant. Now by being Anwyn servant Gideon is in an alliance that at best is uneasy with one of the oldest and most dangerous vampires around, Daegan Rei.

Anwyn Naime has had her life turned upside down. She was aware that there were vampires in the world because of her relationship with Daegan. She just never figured on becoming a part of his world and in such a brutal way. Now she has to find her way in a world that preys on those it sees as weak. This comes abundantly clear when she has to go before the vampire council so that they can decide what is to be done with her. Things are fast becoming much more difficult than she ever thought possible.

Daegan Rei has always cared for Anwyn but when she is attacked he is forced to deal with his feelings for her and face the possibility that the vampire council will not let her live a long life. Daegan has gone his whole long life on his own and he is finding himself more and more dependent on his feelings for Anwyn and now her servant Gideon. Daegan just doesn’t know where this is going to end up or if things will work the way he wants them too. Only time will tell and right now it isn’t looking like there is a whole lot of time left.

Gideon is going to have to use his combat skills with Daegan’s warrior skills so that both men can protect the one person who means the most to them. Someone is out to get them and that person will do anything and go through anyone that gets in their way. Gideon and Daegan are going to have to work together if they have any hope of proving who is behind all the trouble they are facing and make sure that their enemy doesn’t succeed in his plans. Gideon is also going to have to make some very difficult decisions and figure out what is most important to him and what he can ultimately live with and without.

This story is very powerful emotionally. The reader will see Gideon come to terms with who he is becoming and the reader will see if he is going to be able to handle the turn his life has taken. Gideon is a very strong character that is at a crossroads in his life and which way he goes will decide on if he will have a life or if his life will be over. The interaction between the three characters is so powerful that they just pull you in and will not let you go until the very last page. This is a difficult book to read with all the emotions going through the whole story and it will tug at the emotions of the reader but this is one that is a must read.

I give this one 5 red roses

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