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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Desire For Three

Desire for Three – Desire, Oklahoma 1 series by Leah Brooke

Publisher: Siren Publishing

September 2008

ISBN: 1-60601-238-X

Pages: 172

Desire, Oklahoma present day

Jessica “Jesse” Tyler is approaching her fortieth birthday and she is looking for a fresh start. She has put her very bad marriage behind her and is trying to deal with the emotional wreckage that it has left. After having to deal with her ex-husband for so long she feels like a cold shell that is completely unable to feel anymore. She is completely done with men. Jesse gives in to her sister, Nat to finally visit her in Desire, Oklahoma. What she doesn’t expect is what she finds there. It is a town that has Dom/sub and ménage relationships and that is what is normal there. It is a town where the men protect and adore their women. It leaves Jesse fascinated by the dynamics of the town. When she first meets brothers Clay and Rio she is attracted to them but that quickly turns to alarm when the brothers rush to claim her for themselves.

Clay Erickson and his brother Rio have been searching for the right woman for them so that they can have the type of relationship and marriage that they have always dreamed of. When they first set eyes on Jesse they think they have finally found the woman that will complete them in ways they have only dreamed of before now. For them to have what they want Clay and Rio will first have to get around the wall that Jesse has built to protect herself from emotional pain over the years. Clay and Rio are determined to do anything it takes to get the woman of their dreams.

Jesse is just starting to deal with having not one but two lovers when her ex-husband shows up to cause a lot of trouble for Jesse. Jesse is determined to handle things on her own but she didn’t count on how protective and determined Clay and Rio are. They will do whatever they have to so that Jesse is safe from all harm. They are also determined to make sure that she is happy so that she will never have a reason to leave. Jesse is going to have to decide if she is going to take a chance on these two men and trust that she will be able to still be independent and protected and cherished or if she is going to let her fears control her.

This is a great story that has a lot of emotion in it. It is very engrossing watching the character work to a place that they all can be happy and have all the things that they want in their lives. The secondary characters really add to the story and all of it together will have the reader hating to put this one down. The author really handles the dynamics of a ménage relationship very well and makes it very believable.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses

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