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Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Highlander's Bride

The Highlander’s Bride by Michele Sinclair

Publisher: Zebra

June 2007

ISBN: 978-1-4201-1721-9

Pages: 248

Scotland 1307

Conor McTiernay has always wanted a marriage like the one his parents had, full of love and respect. He found that women were only interested in his title and lands, which was exactly what he wasn’t interested in. He has come to the conclusion that he will never be able to find the one woman that will give him the marriage he wants so he has sworn off marriage for good. That all changes when his men come across an Englishwoman that is cover in dirt and grime and definitely on the run from something or someone. Now he just has to find out the truth of what has happened so that he can protect her from the ones that are after her.

Laurel Cordell is hoping that Conor will be able to protect her and keep her safe from the very dangerous laird that is after her. Laurel instinctively knows that she can trust Conor but she has to be very careful as others are also in danger. Laurel will have to take a leap of faith with Conor that he will be able to protect her and the others and that he will be able to live up to his reputation.

Conor and Laurel have a chance at a love that they both have been searching for and happiness that they never dared hope to have. First they are going to have to take care of the problem in Laurel’s past before it has a chance to ruin their future. They will also have to learn how compromise since they are both very stubborn and used to getting their own way in things. That just might be the biggest problem that they will have to overcome to have the happy future that just might be in their reach.

This story brings the time period alive so the reader is able to see what it was like back then The whole cast of characters make this a fun story to read and keep the story moving along at a very nice pace for the reader. It is enjoyable to see the characters work through their difference so that they can have what they truly want in life. This is a great story that takes place in the Scottish highlands that will have the reader wanting to read more.

I give this one 4 red roses

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