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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Thieves In The Night

Raven Starr/Thieves In the night/Red Rose Publishing/ 153 pages/ ebook

Femi is brutally treated by her father, yet when she is stolen from outside her home her first thought is for her mother and that she will return one day. When she is taken to be a slave in Hasani’s harem, she begins to suspect that she was sold by her family rather than stolen. Yet still she dreams of her mother and escape. First she must school her fiery nature so that she is not beaten by the vicious monster who rules the harem.

She makes friends in the harem but also enemies. The King’s favourite hates and fears her. Can Femi learn how to live in this dangerous place and can she escape? Or is there something special about her – something that will change everything and bring both good and happiness?

Read this beautifully written story to discover the truth of Femi’s birth. Raven Starr has written some popular and entertaining books but with Thieves In the Night, she has come of age. Congratulations, Raven. Excellent story. Five red roses, Linda

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