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Thursday, 12 February 2009

A Mortal Curiosity

Ann Granger/ A Mortal Curiosity/Headline/paperback/ ISBN978-0-7553-2050-9/ 403 PAGES/ £6.99

A Mortal Curiosity is the second of a new series of crime books by best selling author Ann Granger. A departure from her earlier crime books it is set in Victorian times and has a nice blend of mystery, period and romance. It is unusual in its presentation being told in the first person with different chapters from different character's points of view.

Elizabeth Martin is uncomfortable as her aunt's companion in London and is persuaded to take the position as companion to a young and rather disturbed woman called Lucy in a secluded house in Hampshire. Her great friend and admirer Inspector Benjamin Ross is suspicious and doesn't want her to go, perhaps as much for his own sake as the fear that the circumstances may be dodgy. However, Elizabeth knows her aunt wants rid of her and she accepts the post, which enables this remarkable author a chance to give us some beautiful descriptions of the Southhampton Water, the difficulties in landing before the pier was built, and the countryside on the subsequent journey to Shore House. Anyone who has read Granger in the past will not need to be told of the subtle humour, which makes this passage a delight!

On arrival at Shore House, Elizabeth is quickly drawn into the mystery surrounding the seemingly fragile Lucy, the aunts, a sinister looking fellow with objectionable dogs and a missing or dead child. The murder happens and Scotland Yard is needed to sort out the wicked goings on thus bringing in the redoubtable Ben Ross. I particularly enjoyed the sections told from Ben's perspective and read happily to the end of this very enjoyable book. I still have another to read, which is a joy to come. This title is the latest and available to be bought, taken home, read and kept for further delight whenever you feel in need of an old friend.

Ann Granger always deserves five red roses and this book is no exception. Loved it! Linda Sole

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