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Saturday, 21 February 2009

A Criminal Affair





ISBN 978-0-7090-8724-3.

When Lady Charlotte Hamilton over- hears a conversation between her father and his solicitor, she is determined to marry well and help mend the family fortunes. A surprise offer for her hand from a fabulously rich suitor, Lord Fredrick Farrell, is accepted although Charlotte cannot like the man.

During the courtship Charlotte wonders many times, just why Lord Fredrick offered for her because his attitude towards her is far from lover like. His Mother Lady Farrell is unbearably proud and poor Charlotte tries hard to be the lady they expect her to be, but seldom achieves any praise from his mother or his sister Perdita.

Charlotte’s young brother Edward who is a very adventurous young man has injured himself and a Doctor new to the area attends him. Charlotte feels a strange attraction to this man but she knows that she must go through with her engagement to Lord Fredrick, although as the wedding date grows nearer she dreads the match more and more.

Many strange happenings begin to throw Charlotte into a panic lest the Farrell’s determine that she is an unsuitable match. Is someone trying to upset the match? Will the attraction she feels for Doctor Daniel Leigh prevent her from marrying into the proud Farrell Family. Why are the Farrell’s so determined that the marriage should take place when they so obviously dislike Charlotte and find her inferior to their family? There are many questions in this Regency Romance and a twist in the tail. It is a good read and I award this story 4 Red Roses.AS

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