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Monday, 8 December 2008

Melinda Hammond/Moonshadows/Samhain Publishers/ebook/221 pages

It is 1746 and Sarah is making her first appearance at court with her husband. Everything is frightening and new, and the people are strangers, seemingly disapproving. Her husband leaves to fetch her a drink and Sarah steps on a gentleman’s foot. He is friendly and talks to her, telling her about a woman who is the King’s mistress. Her husband returns and is displeased to find her in the company of the Earl of Cordeaux, a wealthy man who apparently imagines he can ride roughshod over everyone.

Jez wakes up in the modern world to find Harry sitting beside her bed. It is time to get up and go to work. At work everything goes wrong and when Jez upsets the intray, a man picks up the bits for her. Jez doesn’t remember her dream of 1746 but the reader will, and because the name of the handsome man is Piers Cordeaux we begin to understand and the link is made. It is at this point that we realise Sarah and Jez’s stories will interlink and perhaps follow a similar path. As the earl tries to seduce Sarah and Piers seems to pursue Jez, both of whom try to resist because they are already married or committed, the reader is treated to a dark and delightful tale in both modern and olden times. But are Sarah and Jez two people or two halves of the same spirit?

This is an intriguing story, mixing the lives of two believable women. It makes for compelling reading and is beautifully told. The end is haunting and wholly satisfying. A book I thoroughly enjoyed! 4.5 red roses. Linda Sole

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