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Friday, 5 December 2008

Captive Angel

Wendy Stone/Captive Angel/Eternal press/ebook 188 pages

Angela Carter wakes up to total darkness and to her horror realises that she is in a satin-lined coffin. What has happened to her? She is a doctor and understands she has been drugged but why and by whom? Is she to be raped or murdered? angel, as her mother used to call her, has been captured because someone needs her help and unless she does what he wants she may die at the hands of a coarse brute. These desperate men have been torturing a man for information he refuses to give and seems close to death. Can Angel help him and what will happen to them both if she does? It is inveitable that in such close confinement they should be drawn together, experiencing mutual desire, but can they escape - and can there ever be a future for them?

This is a sensual, exciting and hard hitting story with the promise of others to follow. A must read! 4.5 red rose, Morna

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Sloane Taylor said...

Congratulations, Wendy! Morna does know a good book.