Christmas Awards 2011

Monday, 1 December 2008

Christmas Awards Winners

I am happy to announce that the winner of the main award this year is Pamela Kavanagh for The Touchstone. Publisher Robert Hale Ltd. Congratulations to Pamela! It was a close run thing but in the end The Touchstone was a clear winner.

Pamela will be receiving a small gift from Red Roses For Authors to mark her popular win. So many people told me what a lovely book it was and I am delighted by the response to the voting this year.

The winner for the short award is the ever popular Sloane Taylor for her book French Twist. Publisher Eternal Press. Congratulations to Sloane for producing consistently good books. Sloane will also receive a small gift to mark her win.

I shall be informing the publishers of these wins and I shall need an address to send the gifts to the winners.

Also, one voter will be asked to choose an ebook of their choice as a thank you for sending in the votes.

Reviews will resume in the next few days. Happy Christmas to all our authors. Every author reviewed here is a winner in our eyes!

1 comment:

Sloane Taylor said...

I can't believe it! THANK YOU!! It's hard to express my gratitude to Red Roses for Authors and the people who voted. You'd realize it if you could see me jumping around my office like a wild woman. LOL

I am sincerely touched and appreciate the kind words.

Thank you, again! And a HUGE thanks to my critique partners for "encouraging" me week after week.