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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Warring Desires

Warring Desires by Wanda Ann Thomas

Publisher: Wanda Ann Thomas

October 2015

ISBN: 1518833071

Pages: 311

Historical Romance

Jerusalem & Israel

Gabriel Onias is a widowed priest that comes from a wealthy family. He is appalled with the greed and corruption that is permeating the priesthood. He reaches the point where he can no longer tolerate the deceit so he turns his back on the only life he has ever known. He then shakes the dust of Jerusalem off his sandals and joins Herod’s army fighting to overthrow the corrupt leaders.

Shoshana Ehud is a humble mule train operator.  She courageously defends her family as they travel through war-torn lands with nothing more than her determination and a wooden club. She despairs ever knowing true love as she has been abandoned by a treacherous and deceitful husband. When her husband involves her family in a scheme to double-cross Herod he pushes them too far.

Shoshana rescues Gabriel from a bandit attack and it shakes his beliefs to the core. Gabriel is soon enthralled by a woman that he shouldn’t pursue. Though he is determined to confront the Samaritan woman’s husband and demand Shoshana’s husband grant her a divorce. Shoshana urges Gabriel to master the sword rather than fight her battles out of her fear for his safety. Being a soldier priest has Gabriel soon facing his biggest battle yet when Herod threatens Gabriel’s family and demands that he forsake Shoshana for a more advantageous marriage.

This is proving to be an unforgettable series.  This is another book that adds to the series. The characters are complex and move the story along very nicely.  Readers will be transported back in time to another world as each word brings the book to life for the reader.  There are characters that show up in this book that readers were first introduced to in the first two books.  The story is rich in detail and emotion that will have readers turning the pages just to see how things will turn out for Gabriel and Shoshana.  It will also have readers hoping for more books in the series to see what happens to some very unforgettable secondary characters that manage to steal some of the scenes in the book. 

I give this one 5 red roses


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