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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Break On Through

Break On Through Rock Royalty Book 3 by Christie Ridgway

Publisher: Christie Ridgway

January 2015

Pages: 228

Contemporary Romance


Rolling Stone magazine once dubbed the nine collective children of the most famous band in the world “Rock Royalty,” years ago.  All the princes and princesses are coming back to L.A.’s Laurel Canyon now that they are all grown up. They are also trying to discover if love can be found among the ruins of their childhoods that was steeped in sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll.

Reed Hopkins enjoys his solitary existence as a reclusive novelist. At least until Cleo Anderson who is a single mom and her two kids move in next door. The exasperating woman wants to be neighborly.  What he needs is either a mean dog or a better security system.

Cleo’s compulsion to make the strong silent man on the other side of the fence smile is one she can’t control. Reed is a magnet to her kids and also to someone that is lonely and is beginning to dream. When trouble arrives at her door Cleo is suddenly afraid she is about to lose more than her heart.

This is a good story that fits in nicely with the first two books in the series. There are a few editing problems but once the reader gets past those it is a very good book.  The characters are likable and move the story along very well. It will also have readers wanting to read the next book in the series. It is proving to be a fun and an emotionally engrossing series. It is nice to see each of the “Rock Royalty” put their pasts behind them and find a happy future.  It is also nice to have past characters make cameo appearance so the reader can see what each one is up to.

I give this one 4 red roses


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