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Sunday, 22 November 2015

All He Wants for Christmas Anthology

All He Wants For Christmas Anthology

Publisher: The Indie Six, LLC

December 2015

ISBN: 9781942447399

Pages: 450

Holly, North Carolina

Melt for Me by Elisabeth Naughton

Ella McKinley doesn’t do holidays even if she does own the Yuletide Spirits pub.  Especially with the loss she suffered one cold snowy night long ago. If the calendar jumped from November to January skipping December completely she would be perfectly happy. Tate Kendrick is rock’s latest “it” guy when he rolls into town. The heat that Tate and Ella once shared flares hotter than ever even when Ella tries to resist his wicked charm. Soon Ella is wondering if the return of her first love is a holiday miracle or her nightmare before Christmas when trouble linked to Tate strikes her pub.

Sweet Rapture by Alexandra Ivy

When Meg Anderson discovers her relationship with Dylan Cain is nothing more than a lie she returns to her home in Holly. Dylan being her new tenant is the very last thing she expects. She also didn’t expect to find that he might be the only thing standing between her and a killer.

The Spy Who Came for Christmas by Cynthia Eden

Jemma White might seem as sweet as the delicious treats she makes in her chocolate shop, at least that is what everyone in town thinks but they would be wrong. Jemma is ready for her wild side to come out. She has also found the perfect man to make her fantasies come true. Grayson Cole has escaped to Holly for the holidays even though he seems more than a-too-sexy-to-be-true stranger. Jemma can’t wait to steam up the cold winter nights with him as he is her perfect temptation. Jemma soon realizes that the man she is falling for has some very dark secrets when danger from Grayson’s past follows him to town. Those secrets just might get them both killed.

Merry, Christmas Baby by Katie Reus

Nora and her younger sister settled in Holly when they unexpectedly inherit a bookstore. Holly is a place that it is Christmas year-round. Nora is her sister’s legal guardian and that has made romance the very last thing on her mind. Jackson O’Connor is a former SEAL and for the town’s golden boy Nora has broken her own rules. Doing something stupid and almost losing Nora for good makes Jackson realize just how far he will go for the woman that has stolen his heart. Though for Nora to give him a second chance just might take a Christmas miracle.

Sinful in Snow by Laura Wright

Gabriel Fox is a heartless, ruthless, soulless Grinch and a Billionaire that is back in town.  He has only one goal in mind when he returns to Holly and that is to ruin Carol Cardini’s Christmas. Ten years ago she ruined his Christmas and his life. He has finally found the way to accomplish his goal with her business being in trouble. Carol isn’t about to let her dream be destroyed as the owner of Carol’s Shop and Crafts. Most certainly not by the sexiest man she has ever known and certainly not by revenge. What she can do is offer a chair at her holiday table and an apology. Now she will find out if the magic of Christmas spirit and the love of a good woman will warm and heal a Grinch’s cold heart.

Home Advantage by Skye Jordan

Meier Grant is a NHL super star but at the moment he has been sidelined by a bum shoulder. With a three week recovery sentence he has returned to his hometown of Holly. His parents are more interested in capitalizing on his fame rather than the much needed family bonding and it makes for an extended family stay the one thing that is not on his holiday wish list. Home doesn’t seem so bad when he finds out Faith Nicholas is suddenly single as when they were in high school she was the high school beauty and out-of-his league. Ten years later she is sexier than ever. Home is even better when he gets quality bonding time with Faith. Meier has the moves but are they enough to win a woman that deserves forever?

This is a bunch of amazing stories by some great authors.  While each story stands on its own they are much more fun to read together as they all weave together to make up a great small town that has some very interesting characters in it.  They are also sure to get readers into the holiday spirit as they get captivated by the town of Holly, North Carolina. The town of Holly is made up with special people that support each other and help each other out when it is needed.  The story really brings the reason for the season to life in a way that will have readers wishing they could actually visit Holly and the shops and people that are there.  This is one not to miss.

I give this one 5 red roses


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