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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Swept Away Part 2

Swept Away Part 2 by Jennifer Haymore

Publisher: Jennifer Haymore

November 2014

Pages: 105

Contemporary, Romance

Pacific Ocean, Hawaii

Tara has to wonder what is wrong with her.  She is falling for the one man that has pretty much guaranteed he was going to end up hurting her.  The man that is refusing to give them a chance at a long-term happiness.  The man that plans to walk away from her after three weeks. 

Ethan Williams isn’t promising her the future just the present.  Tara thinks that she can just enjoy the time they have on the open ocean and the time they will have in Hawaii and she can just let him go.  Without any regrets. 

What she wasn’t counting on was a man with deep dark secrets that are deeper and darker than she first thought.  She put her trust in a man that isn’t sharing himself with her.  If Tara isn’t careful those secrets could very well kill her.

This part of the story picks up right after the first part of the story leaves off. And while this part also ends in a cliffhanger it is definitely a story worth reading.  The mystery expertly woven into the romance pulls the reader into the story until the very end.  It will also have readers wanting the next part so they can see just what will happen next.  This is proving to be series of stories that is very hard to put down and will have readers wanting to re-read it once they have all the parts.  Even readers that don’t like cliffhangers will find that with the cliffhangers so far works very well with the overall story line.  It also has some great twists into the story that readers won’t see coming. 

I give this one 5 red roses


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