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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Chronicles of Steele: Raven

Chronicles of Steele: Raven: The Complete Story by Pauline Creeden

Publisher: AltWit Press

October 2014

ISBN: 1502357593

Pages: 304

Steampunk, Romantic Elements

Reaper Tenants:
All human lives are valuable.
The poor are just as valuable as someone rich and living in a manor.
The scoundrel and the saint are equal in value.
For these reasons for every life a reaper takes they must redeem one.

Raven has lived by the first tenant of a reaper since she was first trained by her father.  Though since she lost her father she has spent the time redeeming the different lives she has taken.  Now by her count she is even and she can now put the assassin life behind her.  She thinks she can feel human again if she settles down and becomes a wife. On the way to the life she thinks she wants she is given a new task to complete by the baron of New Haven.  It is a task she just can’t ignore.  Just when she thought she was done with the life of an assassin she ends up pulled back in.

This is a fun book with all the elements that makes for a great steampunk novel.  The action keeps coming right up until the very last page.  The characters are interesting and keep the story moving at a fast pace that makes for a book that is hard to stop reading. With all the twists and turns that the story takes it will have readers wondering just what will happen next.  Readers will not be disappointed with the twists and turns.  The heroine is strong and determined and makes for a very likable character.  It will also leave readers wanting more from this world and from the characters.

I give this one 4 red roses


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