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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Welcome to Denmark Warlocks and Witches in America: Book 1

Welcome to Denmark Warlocks and Witches in America: Book 1 by Aiden James

Publisher: Aiden James Fiction

August 2014

Pages: 253

Contemporary, Paranormal, Young Adult

Denmark, Tennessee

Sebastian Radu is not like most normal eighteen year olds.  Especially since he is a warlock that looks eighteen but is actually one-hundred-twenty-five-years-old. 

His family of Romanian warlocks and witches have lifetimes that extend beyond six hundred years.  The Radus also have been at war with another family, the Mateis, which have the same kind of gifts.  The Mateis have stepped up their efforts to wipe the Radus from the face of the earth which forces the family to flee their home in Chicago to a small town in the south.  They find their new home in the quirky and quaint town of Denmark.  The homes there are pre-Civil War antebellum that still manages to have some race issues and is also home to the “World’s Largest Frog Leg Fry”.

The Radus find that Denmark is the perfect place to hide where the life is much slower in pace not to mention non-magical. Their new home, an old plantation house is known there as Twin Magnolias. It also allows the family to settle into a life where something new and humorous seems to happen daily.  At least until their old enemies, the Mateis show up in their lives yet again.

Sebastian and his family are faced with choices that affect not just their well-being but also the town they are starting to call home, because they are facing the threat of war that is steeped in deadly sorcery.  Though they just might also have the first chance to take some steps that will lead to healing the rift.  They are either going to have to resolve their long and bitter dispute with the Mateis or the ancient conflict will destroy them all.

While this story is more paranormal there are some romantic elements in it.  The characters are intriguing and keep the story moving at a quick pace.  The back story build up is done in such a way that it all blends together seamlessly and makes for an action pack book that takes readers on a ride they won’t soon forget.  This is the first book and if the other books prove to be as well written this is going to be an amazing series.  This does end with a somewhat cliff hanger that will leave reading getting antsy as they wait for the next book.  The descriptions in the book really bring this world to life for readers that will have them thinking they are actually there with all the quirky town people that make for a town that would be a lot of fun to actually visit. 

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


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