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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Glimpse of Darkness Volume 1: Chronicles of the Cursed

Glimpse of Darkness Volume 1: Chronicles of the Cursed by Nicole Delacroix

Publisher: Nicole Delacroix

April 2014

ISBN: 978-1497335936

Pages: 365

Contemporary, Paranormal

Hyder, Alaska & Louisiana

Charlene “Charlie” Bennett is a waitress in Hyder and her father has just gone missing.  Her father has disappeared before so this isn’t something new but somehow things are different this time around.  She is also isolated and alone. 

Then there is Daniel who is a handsome stranger that has come to town.  Charlie normally has no interest in the strangers that pass through town but this time Daniel has managed to change that with the intense and immediate attraction Charlie feels for him.  Daniel also isn’t quite what he appears to be and he is throwing Charlie’s world into a major upheaval.

Now Charlie has to decide if she wants to or can believe the story Daniel is telling her and follow him or stay in the only home she has ever known.  Especially when staying means an uncertain future with an absentee father.  As she comes to trust in what Daniel shows her she also realizes that he is the one true thing in her life.  So she leaves everything she knows to follow a handsome stranger.

This is a fun story with some great twists and turns.  As each clue is revealed it leads to more questions that are slowly answered.  This is a book that manages to pull the reader in and will have them not wanting to put it down until the very end.  The characters are interesting and bring the story to life for the reader.  Reading how Charlie and Daniel get to know each other and depend on each other makes for an engaging read.  It will also have readers wanting more to find out exactly what eventually happens between Daniel and Charlie.  This one will definitely have readers who haven’t read this author yet wanting to check out more from her.  This is one is worth trying.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


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