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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Once Tasted

Once Tasted by Laura Moore

Publisher: Ballantine Books

June 2014

ISBN: 978-0-345-53700-3

Pages: 348

Contemporary, Romance


Reid Knowles is the middle son of a California ranching family and for him everything has come easily.  When his good friend and neighbor asks him to help his niece, Mia Bodell, run the family winery, everything suddenly gets complicated for Reid.  Reid’s charmed life is now in the past and nothing is the same.  Mia is in charge of the winery even with Reid’s help and she has made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t trust Reid at all.  She would much rather be roped to a steer than deal with Reid.  Reid is determined to overcome the challenge that has suddenly been placed in front of him and earn Mia’s trust. No matter what he as to do.

Mia’s life has never been easy and has been marked more by loss than anything else.  She knows nothing comes easy not even love.  When she was in high school she had a crush on Reid only to have him break her heart.  Even after all these years the hurt still lingers.  She is also very aware that the teenage heartthrob he was then is now a devastatingly handsome playboy. Mia is determined to not let down her guard.  Then they both get a taste of passion and nothing is the same.  From the first intoxicating kiss she receives from Reid to his tender seduction Mia is pulled into an affair that could either tear her heart apart worse than before or give her everything she has always dreamed of.

This is a wonderful book that takes place in wine country that brings the area to life.  The story gives some details on how wine is made and at the same times give the story some great depth that brings it all to life.  The story has a little bit of suspense woven through the plot that makes for a great book.  The characters are complex and make for an engaging read.  The book is part of a trilogy but can easily be read as a standalone.  Though once readers read just one of the books they will be looking for the others so that they can again visit a very nice small town that comes to life as they read.  Readers also will never look at wine country the same again.

I give this one 4 red roses


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