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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Deeply In You

Deeply In You by Sharon Page

Publisher: Aphrodisia

June 2014

ISBN: 978-1-61773-092-4

Pages: 384

Historical, Erotic Romance


Helena Winsome is determined to save her brother from debtor’s prison.  With that in mind Helena agrees to find proof that the Duke of Greybrooke is a traitor.  Knowing full well of his wicked ways she takes on the guise of governess.  He overwhelms her with his smoldering sensuality and so does his vow to make her his lover.  A promise that is scandalous and leaves her weak with desire.

The Duke of Greybrooke is dark, handsome and powerfully seductive.  He is also a man of deep passion.  Grey takes up the challenge when Helena turns down his offer to become his mistress.  He is determined to expose her to the erotic thrill of carnal pleasure that will tease her senses until she is begging for more.

This is the start of a series that if the other books are similar to this one is going to be very hot and steamy and have readers reaching for the nearest glass of ice water.  The suspense builds very well and keeps going until the very end.  The characters have pasts that they need to overcome to find the happiness that they deserve and want.  This one pulls readers in emotionally and doesn’t let them go until the very end.  While there are some dark subjects touched on in this book they are handled in a way that is sensitive and not too heavy.  This should prove to be a series that will have readers eagerly awaiting each and every book just to see who will be the next hero and who his heroine will be.  It will also have readers wanting to revisit the characters over and over.  Readers that enjoy erotic romances with a happily ever after will want to try this series.  Just be sure to keep the ice water handy.

I give this one 5 red roses


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