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Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Tribute by Lisa Henry

Publisher: Loose ID

July 2011

ISBN:  978-1-61118-449-5

Pages: 267

Historical, m/m

Kynon is chosen by the warlord Brasius as a tribute to create peace between their people. Kynon tells himself that this is the price of peace and to protect his father’s kingdom. If being a slave can save his people than it is a small price to pay no matter the indignities required by both the warlord and the Senate of Segasa that Brasius serves. Kynon is sure he can live with the shame but it is the pleasure that scares him the most.

Brasius wants more from Kynon than just someone that responds eagerly to both whips and bondage. The warlord seems to be looking for more from Kynon like maybe the man underneath the tribute, the prince and the soldier. First Kynon has to figure out just who that is.

Now Kynon is being forced on a journey of self-discovery. And as each day passes Kynon finds out that being Brasius’ tribute is more than just being able to submit and if he is to give Brasius exactly what the warlord is searching for that means going against the traditions of the Senate of Segasa and risk the wrath of a senate that is holding his reins.

This story is very different and for readers of this genre it is sure to pull them into the story. Reading about the way Kynon finds out exactly who he truly is and what he really wants in his life is fascinating and engrossing as he grows as a person. He is forced to look deep inside himself just to find the man that Brasuis sees. There are some parts that can be very difficult to read especially with the emotional turmoil the characters go through but ultimately end up with a very rewarding ending. It is also a glimpse into a very different world that is fascinating all on its own. If the reader can get past the difficult beginning they will find a satisfactory story.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


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