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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Taken by Two

Taken by Two: Mating Season 1 by April Andrews

Publisher: Twisted Erotica Publishing

December 2013

Pages: 69

Futuristic, m/m/m

Jaeger lives on an Earth that has been devastated and where both water and food are scarce. The only choice is to leave the safety of The Cube to scavenge through the old ruins. Leaving The Cube has risks that even with the dangers of the dead of winter they aren’t as dangerous as the risk of being taken by the mysterious visitors. Nothing is known about the strange males that come from other worlds. They also seem to take any man that they cross paths with.

Though Jaeger knows the risks of venturing outside he has no choice when it is his turn to go out. When a couple of the visitors find him he has no desire to fight even when they take him up to their space craft. Not knowing what to expect he is determined to resist the aliens but when they inform him that he now belongs to them he is thrown into confusion.

What Jaeger never expected was to start falling under their spell. They are nothing like anything Jaeger has ever known. The males tell Jaeger that he is their mate but Jaeger isn’t sure he can just accept that. If he does can he save himself and will he be able to save his people too?

This is a different story line that is very intriguing.  The characters are interesting and the world building fascinating and will have readers wishing the story was longer. It will also have readers wanting to read the next story in the series. This is short novella that proves to be a quick read but is very much worth the time taken to read it. If the rest of the series is like this one it is sure to prove to be an enjoyable series to read.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses 


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