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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm by Lyn Gala

Dreamspinner Press

August 2010

ISBN: ebook: 978-1-61581-557-9
ISBN: 978-1-61581-556-2

Pages: 262


Vinnie Bernardi does everything he can to leave his life as a repressed rich boy behind in the past where he feels it belongs.  He is building a new life for himself as a proud guy submissive.  Though he is finding that only one man has ever been successful at dominating him and Vinnie finds himself craving that man more and more everyday as he slowly falls apart.  Vinnie has always thought the man he wants unattainable but with Vinnie unable to hold it together he decides his only option is to make a move on Charleston to see where it might lead. 

Charleston is a military academy instructor that is also the only man to dominate Vinnie successfully.  But when Vinnie bumbles his way into Charleston’s attentions Vinnie unwittingly stirs up Charleston demons from the past.  He also brings phantoms from Charleston’s past out that just might not let Vinnie survive long enough to find what he is looking for: love and the man strong enough to shelter both Vinnie and that love.

This story is interesting but would have been better with more back story and more interaction between Vinnie and Charleston.  While the characters have depth, the readers do not get to see enough of what lead the characters to this point in their lives.  The reader will get some insight into the characters histories and it is interwoven well into story there is just not enough of it to be really satisfying.  While the premise of the story was a great idea, it just needed more scenes with Vinnie and Charleston to pull it off successfully.  This one can easily be left on the nightstand.

I give this one 3-1/2 red roses 

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